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360desktop Is Available… Whoopty Doo

July 10, 2008

I just heard (via) that 360desktop is now available in public beta. DON’T USE IT!

Okay fine, use it if you want to, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be uninstalling pretty quickly. Why? Because it’s lame.

First of all, who wants to scroll sideways anywhere, let alone on their desktop? Every time you want to switch to a different section, you’ve got to grab your mouse and go find it. (That’ll get old quick.) Second of all, why in heaven’s name would I want banner ads on my desktop? Isn’t the desktop supposed to be one of our safe havens away from advertising?

Here’s a better idea… use a multiple desktop program. You’ll be able to use quick keyboard shortcuts to jump directly to where you want. And there aren’t any ads. If you’re really dying for something new for your desktop, try one of these:

Because 360desktop sucks.


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  1. Hi, thanks checking us out – all feedback is important to us.

    To help clarify a couple of things we may not have made clear enough:

    re Ads – I agree, you (should) never see an unexpected ad on your desktop. If you/designer, etc create a 360, you’ll never see ads. But, we’ll have partners who create branded 360’s (and pay us to do it – that’s how we keep product free) If you want a branded or sponsored 360, then you’ll know it before you download. If you don’t like the brand, download another one. We estimate less than 0.5% of the 360’s will be sponsored.

    re navigation – you don’t need the mouse, there are keyboard shortcuts to jump/pan where you want to go.

    We’ve also added a couple of other angles to 360desktop in addition to virtual desktop – create a desktop widget from any web widget, youtube video, etc or by web clipping any part of any web page. Also coming soon, is the online authoring and gallery, where anyone can create and share their own 360’s.

    Thanks Evan CEO – 360desktop.

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