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Where the Heck is Matt?

July 17, 2008

At first I thought this video was kind of dumb, but it really grew on me. I can’t believe all the places this guy has been. I wish I’d been to a fraction of the countries this guy’s been. (Sigh… someday.)

Anyway here’s Where the Heck [sic] is Matt?

Who is this guy?

Okay now I’m sure you’re wondering “Who is this guy?” Well I’ll tell you. He’s a normal kid. He’s not rich or famous. His name is Matt Harding. He’s a left-handed “deadbeat from Connecticut”. Apparently his friend filmed him one time doing his silly little dance. He posted the video to his blog and it got kinda popular. This made him “quasi-famous”. Eventually it caught the attention of one of the awesome marketing guys at Stride Gum who suggested that Stride sponsor Matt to go do his dance all over the world. And the rest is history.

Matt took a six-month trip and visited 39 counties doing his silly little dance. Not surprisingly, that video got watched a lot too. Now he was “semi-famous”. After Matt’s return he got thousands of emails from people all over the world inviting him to come back and dance with them. In 2007 Matt approached Stride Gumand suggested the idea. They thought that would be cool too so off Matt went. This time he took 14 months and visited 42 countries.

All I have to say is, Stride is awesome.

Read more about Matt on his website.


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  1. I’m a fan.

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