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New Obama Campaign Posters

August 13, 2008

I know I’m going to make a lot of people angry over this post, but I’m truly concerned about where we’re headed in this country. Come on people, we’re voting for a president, not the next American Idol. These rallies fit for a rockstar remind me of another very charismatic leader (I won’t mention any names).

Here are the posters Obama’s campaign should be using.

UPDATE: After much thought, I decided to remove some of the more controversial posters. While my position-on/opinion-of Obama remains the same, I recognize that Hitler is a very sensitive topic and not something to take lightly. My apologies to anyone who was offended (especially my good friend Uli).


Obama: NOPE

Elitist Snob

Obama: Elitist Snob


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  1. neiltownsend permalink

    I find it absolutely hilarious and ironic that REPUBLICANS of all people are calling Obama an elitist. A party that has the richest people in the world dare calls someone else an elitist. What audacity. I’m still having trouble figuring out how growing up without your dad, being forced to move to a different continent as a kid, but somehow working your way into Harvard Law is elitist. Yeah, that’s a tough one, isn’t it?

  2. First of all, there’s a huge difference between being rich and being elitist. (No audacity there.) I happen to know plenty of dirt-poor people who think they’re better than everyone else. Your attitude isn’t necessarily a reflection of your upbringing.

    Second of all, just because you were raised under certain circumstances doesn’t make you NOT an elitist. For your information, Barack Obama went to the same private school as my mom in HAWAII! (Somebody call the WAAAmbulance… what a hard life.)

    Lastly (FWIW) big freaking deal. I’ll bet there have been plenty of kids at Harvard that grew up without a dad in a country different than the one they were born in.

  3. kevin permalink

    I am bothered, in the first place, by the promises being made by both men. I am bewildered that both men are making legislative promises.

    ???When I am president,??? each man says, ???I will …??? Now correct me if I am wrong, that I might have missed something while I was busy getting old, but when I studied government in school, I think I remember that there were three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. For the purpose of this essay only, the judicial branch of government will be overlooked.

    In an over-simplification of job descriptions, the president and cabinet are the executive part of the branch trio. The president should keep himself busy conferring with the cabinet and agencies, being commander in chief, setting policy, giving state dinners, making nice with other countries, declaring states of emergency, signing or vetoing legislation, etc. The legislative part of the trio (the representatives and senators) has as its job initiating legislation as needed for the good of the country and their constituents, serving on investigative committees, etc.

    Now we get to my contention. Both Senator McCain and Senator Obama are expounding on what they will do as president while continuing to speak like legislators. What they are promising to do in the future as the executive is what they should be proposing now in their current positions as legislators.

    Come on now, fellas, if you believe so strongly in what changes need to be made for the good of the country???s problems with the economy, the oil crisis, education and health care, why have you not been back in Washington rallying support in the Senate and writing bills which would begin the miraculous cures now that you are promising for the future? Both you senators remind me of poker players with your cards clutched to your chests. Both of you are bluffing that you have a straight flush, ace high, while holding nothing more than a pair of jacks.
    Unfortunately, the other people sitting at the table are about to be taken. Their names are Americans and Voters. Come on now, fellas, if you plan to play this game, show us your cards. Lay them on the table. Show us how you plan to win the game. Show us a workable plan for the cures you are promising. If these plans are so good, why haven???t you been busy in the Senate doing what you are paid to do for the country? Why are you holding back? Is it all a bluff?

    Up to this point in the election process, the only thing that has been shown to the voters is age and charisma, experience and inexperience, war hero and academic scholar, pedigree and boot strap climber. Show us some substance. As the commander in chief, how, I repeat, how will you act as leader to make your promises reality? I need to know before I vote; otherwise I will continue to be bothered and bewildered, but certainly not bewitched.

  4. Kevin, that was great. I should clarify (at least for Neil’s sake) that I’m not a big fan of McCain either. I just see him as being less dangerous than Obama.

  5. umwalker permalink

    I have to be very careful what to write here; if I understood everything right, too, not to mention cultural differences.

    Barack Obama would be considered right-wing in Germany, in most European countries. I would never ever vote for him if he did run for German chancellor. Our right wing parties would be considered more left in your country than Obama is. But we still haven’t drifted into National Socialism or Communism (there is a difference between the intellectual idea of Marxism, and the political system of Communism) as hinted by the posters above. On the contrary: we don’t have your crime rate, we have a working school education where people actually know who Hitler was, we have a working health system, healthy food (although Germans are still the fattest among Europeans), we have less poor people, with us not the richest, but the best runs for chancellor!

    Making the connection to totalitarian mass-murderer systems because of one’s political, I have to say democratic political views is not just audacity (the word people here used all the time), it is actually a reason to press charges, because it is against the law in Germany. Not to mention inexcusable: “Arbeit macht frei” (Work frees you) is written above the entrances of concentration camps. It is just tasteless to relate to a democratic politician that he would be responsible for killing millions of Jews and other humans, for installing a totalitarian system that brought total destruction to a whole continent.

    This is not just my personal opinion, but common sense in Germany, also from the right wing. Posters and opinions like that are the reason why many (most?) Europeans are suspicious about everything the USA does. Why are we having a better working democracy by now than the US when we are more left wing than you are? Maybe because we are? (The irony being that our democracy was installed by you) That alone is proof how wrong these posters are.

  6. I need to make something clear, I’m not suggesting that a Barack Obama would be responsible for killing millions of Jews and other humans. If you’ve perceived it that way, I apologize.

    I know that the topics of Hitler and the holocaust are very sensitive issues. I don’t mean to make light of them. I’ve visited concentration camps and museums and feel a deep sense of somberness regarding these serious topics.

    My intention is to cause people (primarily Americans) to stop for a moment and consider what’s going on with this election. Voters should be putting some serious thought into what a candidate represents before voting for him/her.

    I myself was tempted for quite a while to vote for Obama. He seems very likable and charismatic and appeals to people very easily. However the more I’ve looked into his record and experience, the less comfortable I feel about him.

    I see so many intelligent people getting caught up in the Obama hysteria and ignoring policies and political issues. That is exactly how Hitler came to power in Germany. He was a very charismatic person who promised change and hope and progress. People got caught up in the hysteria and charisma. I simply want people to be careful and avoid making decisions based on emotion and big promises.

  7. umwalker permalink

    In my opinion it is really dangerous posting the posters without a clear statement. The point that made me concerned is the last line “Here are the posters Obama’s campaign should be using”. I know you, and I would never list you on the side of totalitarian believers. But what about people who don’t know you, or are more simple?

    If it was your goal to show how media blurs the vision, makes false comparisons by doing the same, than you proofed a brilliant, yet dangerous point.

    I actually agree on Barack Obama and the substance. I don’t follow too much, but there is not a lot of content, he lives of his charisma so far.

    The problem with the comparison to how Hitler came into power: Yes, Hitler promised jobs (who doesn’t?), but it all began with him sowing a climate of fear and violence with his troops (not hope) throughout the 1920’s which he harvested by being chosen as prime minister in 1933. Obama preaches on hope, not fear, something Fox, Russ Limbaugh, many Republicans actually are doing.

  8. Great points Uli. I’ll rethink my presentation of the above.

  9. Ted permalink

    Obama more dangerous than McCain? wow. I personally think that the most dangerous thing our country can do right now is inspire 100,000+ more deaths of Iraqi civilians by continuing the occupation. Or even worse, do the same to Iran.

    I’m a social conservative, so I tend towards the republicans on those issues. But I’m also deeply appalled at a regime that can treat human life so casually and with such disregard. War is an atrocity even when fought for just causes and out of necessity. But to go into one predicated on lies and deceptions — that is what makes good men and good countries into monsters.

    Sadly, McCain seems to be totally on board with all that (as was Hillary). Even without the charisma, I think Obama would be the sanest choice forward.

    BTW, did you catch that sendup of Obama’s cult-like messaging on the Daily Show the night of his big speech? Great stuff.

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