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Regarding George Bush and War (i.e. Why I support Bush)

September 8, 2008
Our Commander in Chief

Our Commander in Chief

On a recent post I made regarding Obama, one commenter (Ted) mentioned how he doesn’t feel he can support McCain because of his stance on the war. I began to reply to his comment, but realized I had a lot more to say than I anticipated. So into a post it goes.

To all Bush-haters, what the heck are you talking about? Do you really think the Iraqis would be safer without us there? Do you honestly believe we just showed up in order to kill some people?

Yes, war is horrible, but sometimes it’s better than the alternative. I would love to not have to be fighting a war. But if we simply pulled out now, we would be allowing many more atrocities to occur.

What makes you so sure this war was predicated on lies and deceptions? Do you think Bush likes being at war and spending millions upon millions of dollars? Do you think he likes having really low approval ratings? He’s clearly not doing this for the popularity or to have his name go down in the history books. 

Oh I see… you’ve seen on the news all the stupid things Bush has said/done and you don’t think he’s fit to be leading this country. NEWSFLASH – the news isn’t unbiased. Very much the opposite in fact. So I beg you to consider the following:

  • Have you been to Iraq? 
  • Have you received intelligence reports about terrorist activities? 
  • Are you completely personally familiar with what’s going on over there so you don’t have to rely on the media for information? 
  • Did you go to Yale? (Bush did)
  • Did you attend Harvard? (Bush did)
  • Have you served in the military? (Bush did)

The guy is no slacker, the Wall Street Journal just reported that Bush actually has a good economic record. He’s accomplished some great things while the rest of America whines about how inconvenient war is and how much it’s costing us and how long it takes to get through airport security.

So he sticks to his guns and doesn’t give in to every whim of the American people. Big deal. If he had, you’d call him a flip-flopper. So again to all you Bush bashers, please, shut up. I’m tired of hearing it. Personally, I’m going to continue to support him.


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One Comment
  1. Jeeves permalink

    Hear Hear! More experience and brains than NObama

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