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New Obama Campaign Posters

I know I’m going to make a lot of people angry over this post, but I’m truly concerned about where we’re headed in this country. Come on people, we’re voting for a president, not the next American Idol. These rallies fit for a rockstar remind me of another very charismatic leader (I won’t mention any names).

Here are the posters Obama’s campaign should be using.

UPDATE: After much thought, I decided to remove some of the more controversial posters. While my position-on/opinion-of Obama remains the same, I recognize that Hitler is a very sensitive topic and not something to take lightly. My apologies to anyone who was offended (especially my good friend Uli).


Obama: NOPE

Elitist Snob

Obama: Elitist Snob


Hilarious Job Posting

Evidently, some dude is looking to hire a freelancer to build a website that clones the functionality of Mozy. Apparently he thinks it would be an easy task.

Check it out.

Where the Heck is Matt?

At first I thought this video was kind of dumb, but it really grew on me. I can’t believe all the places this guy has been. I wish I’d been to a fraction of the countries this guy’s been. (Sigh… someday.)

Anyway here’s Where the Heck [sic] is Matt?

Who is this guy?

Okay now I’m sure you’re wondering “Who is this guy?” Well I’ll tell you. He’s a normal kid. He’s not rich or famous. His name is Matt Harding. He’s a left-handed “deadbeat from Connecticut”. Apparently his friend filmed him one time doing his silly little dance. He posted the video to his blog and it got kinda popular. This made him “quasi-famous”. Eventually it caught the attention of one of the awesome marketing guys at Stride Gum who suggested that Stride sponsor Matt to go do his dance all over the world. And the rest is history.

Matt took a six-month trip and visited 39 counties doing his silly little dance. Not surprisingly, that video got watched a lot too. Now he was “semi-famous”. After Matt’s return he got thousands of emails from people all over the world inviting him to come back and dance with them. In 2007 Matt approached Stride Gumand suggested the idea. They thought that would be cool too so off Matt went. This time he took 14 months and visited 42 countries.

All I have to say is, Stride is awesome.

Read more about Matt on his website.

360desktop Is Available… Whoopty Doo

I just heard (via) that 360desktop is now available in public beta. DON’T USE IT!

Okay fine, use it if you want to, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be uninstalling pretty quickly. Why? Because it’s lame.

First of all, who wants to scroll sideways anywhere, let alone on their desktop? Every time you want to switch to a different section, you’ve got to grab your mouse and go find it. (That’ll get old quick.) Second of all, why in heaven’s name would I want banner ads on my desktop? Isn’t the desktop supposed to be one of our safe havens away from advertising?

Here’s a better idea… use a multiple desktop program. You’ll be able to use quick keyboard shortcuts to jump directly to where you want. And there aren’t any ads. If you’re really dying for something new for your desktop, try one of these:

Because 360desktop sucks.

Some People Don’t Get It

Mozy uses 448-bit blowfish encryption & a private keyI just read a blog post about a user’s experience with Mozy. He had great user experience. No problems installing it, configuring it, etc. Then he read the terms-of-service (TOS) and got scared.

C’mon people, do you actually think a company would just hand over your data to anyone with a badge that walks in the door? I don’t care what company it is. I don’t care what country its in. NO company would want the P.R. nightmare that would accompany giving up their customers’ data.

Of course Mozy’s TOS says that they will comply with a court order to hand over your data if subpoenaed. That’s the law. But here’s the thing… if you’re concerned about it… use the dang private key. Mozy offers it for a reason: IT REMOVES THE COMPANY’S ABILITY TO DECRYPT YOUR DATA.

So supposing a federal official did come along and ask for your data; and suppose he did have a valid warrant; and suppose Mozy’s lawyers were unable to contest the subpoena and had to had over your data… guess what that federal official would get… that’s right… a bunch of ones and zeros. It would be completely meaningless information and impossible to decrypt.

So go ahead and try Mozy. And if you’re still not satisfied… wait until the data center is open in Europe. 🙂

(Disclosure: Yes, I work for Mozy. No, this isn’t an official company blog.)

Mozy Sucks …at Softball

SoftballAfter nearly a year working for Mozy, I’ve discovered something important. Mozy sucks at softball. Sure, we’re dang awesome at online backup and even do quite well at Rockband and Guitar Hero. But there’s no getting around it… it turns out Mozy isn’t so hot after all at softball… in fact, when it comes to softball, Mozy sucks.

In other news… Mozy is hiring. If you’re a fan of things like: free snacks in the breakroom, Rockband/Guitar Hero, Pizza Wednesdays, Hawaiian shirt Fridays, and just working for an awesome company… leave a comment. (And if you’re any good at softball… you’re hired.)

Firefox 3: Fixed the Browser and Broke the Web

Download Day

(via) June 17th, 2008 will go down in history as the day Mozilla fixed the browser and broke the web. Firefox 3 may have drastically improved the browser, but they definitely broke the web today. I couldn’t access their “Download Day” site for hours. And my internet browsing in general was painful for the rest of the day.

Couldn’t they have better anticipated the response they’d get? After all, they made their “pledge site” available weeks ago. Didn’t that give them some idea of how much traffic they’d need to sustain?